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In the most western part of Austria there is a small village named Egg. Egg is located at an altitude of 564 meters up in the Alps in the region Bregenzerwald. This village has a population of almost 3500 and has its own small independent local brewery named Brauerei Egg.

Brauerei Egg was founded in May 1894 and produced the beer Egger ever since. It was founded as a joint venture between several inn hosts in the Egg community. The most important persons in the start of the brewery were the three Kaspars; Kaspar Simma, Kaspar Kohler and Kaspar Ritter.

You find web site of Brauerei Egg at

Today, the yearly production comprise 16 000 hectoliters. This volume can be compared to the nearby competitor Mohren Bräu with an annual production of 180 000 hl, or Austria's largest brewery Gösser with 1 300 000 hl.

There are two other breweries in the world who name their beer Egger. Die Schwedische Egger Akademie enjoy their beers as well, however; they are not in our sphere of interest and their Eggers has the same status by us as any other beer.
These two breweries are Egger Bier Worb located in Worb/Bern, Switzerland and Privatbrauerei Egger located in Unterradlberg/St. Pölten, Austria.

Brauerei Egg in the early years

Brauerei Egg in the present day

Position of Brauerei Egg